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Covering Conditions
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Terms and conditions of Covering

A breeder who has a mare covered accepts the following terms and conditions: 

1. The covering conditions of the respective breeding associations apply in general. The covering season starts on January 1st and ends on August 15th.

2. Ordering of semen:
We request your order by phone. To have semen sent out at the same day, please call Monday to Friday by 10 am and on Saturdays by 9:30 am.

We can only process your order if it includes: Requested stallion, name and complete address of the mare‘s owner, the breeding association to be notified, shipping address, name and address of the administering veterinarian, particulars of the mare: Name and life number, pedigree, age, colour and markings. Before the first insemination the breeder has to disclose if he intends to conduct an embryo transfer. Please note that the stud fee has to be paid for every flushed embryo.

3. The breeding certificates (Deckscheine) have to be submitted to the owner of the stallion at the beginning of the covering season. Without the breeding certificates, the covering can not be registered with the breeding associations. An additional service fee is charged if the breeding certificate is provided after the August 1st. The stud fee has to be paid in advance of shipping. If the requested stallion is taking part in a tournament, deep frozen semen will be used. Please phone in for the special conditions for deep frozen sperm. Please make an early reservation if the requested stallion is highly in demand. There is no refund if a stallion drops out during the covering season. The paid stud fee can be credited against another stallions stud fee. If a mare has not conceived from De Niro after two insemination periods, it is advisable to switch to a different stallion of the station. In this case, the stud fee of the second stallion will be charged and possible overpayments will be credited in the following year. 

4. As EU-approved insemination station, we send out fresh semen at your request. Shipping charges will be added separately. Shipments on weekends are possible after prior consultation, but the shipping charges will be higher. Please call in for more details. Shipping containers have to be sent back post paid; otherwise we have to charge for them. If the delivery of semen is delayed after due time, please notify us immediately. Otherwise we have to charge you for shipping. 

5. With the delivery of the mare or the ordering of semen you accept our terms and conditions. The daily rate for accommodation of mares is 10 Euros add VAT, for mares with foals 12 Euros add VAT. When the mare is successfully seeded or the gestation has been asserted by a veterinarian, the day rate rises to 20.00 Euros add VAT, respectively 24.00 Euros add VAT for mares with foals. The accommodation is at the risk of the mares’ owner. It is agreed upon, that a veterinarian will be called at the mare owners’ expense if the stallion owner considers it necessary. All mares have to undergo cervical testing while in heat, except mares with foals. Medical attendant is Dr. med. vet. Bernd Ekrod. 

6. Additional special regulations:
If your mare has not conceived or has resorbed, we will credit you half of the paid stud fee in the next season, provided you submit a veterinarian confirmation by December 1st. This consideration is not possible, if your confirmation is late. If your mare has been covered first time after July 1st and has not conceived or has resorbed, you will receive a free covering within the respective price range. Please note that your veterinarian confirmation has to be submitted by December 1st as well. 

7. The stallions owner is only liable for damages of the mares owner that have been caused deliberately or due to gross negligence by himself or a vicarious agent. This liability exclusion applies to damages occurring during the housing of the mare and damages occurring through the procedures of the covering. The stallions owner is not liable for damages caused by third parties. The mare‘s owner has to have a liability insurance to cover for the risks of owning and keeping a horse (Tierhalterhaftpflicht). He has to verify this insurance on demand. The stallions can be visited daily after advance notification. Please understand that on weekends we are only available between 10 am and noon. 

Payment details:
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Court of Jurisdiction: Uelzen