34th Autumnal Auction - Elite in Autumn


Saturday, 2023 September 16th

03:00 pm Presentation of the Auctionhorses - please let us know if you wish to schedule a test ride


Wednesday, 2023 September 20th

02:00 pm    Dressage test medium level

03:00 pm    Prix St. Georges

06:00 pm    Presentation of the Auctionhorses

(temporary schedule)

Thursday, 2023 September 21st

12:00 am    Grand Prix de Dressage

02:00 pm    Young horses dressage test noivce level

03:00 pm    Dressage test adavanced level

04:00 pm-06:00 pm    Training of the Auctionhorses - please let us know if you wish to schedule a test ride

Friday, 2023 September 22nd

11:30 am    Ayodele Amateur Cup - Dressage test advanced level

02:00 pm    Presentation of the Auctionhorses

04:00 pm    Presentation of the Foals

06:00 pm    Grand Prix Special

Saturday, 2023 September 23rd

11:30 am    Presentation of the Auctionhorses

12:30 am    Presentation of the Foals

04:00 pm    Start of the Auction

  • As we are hosting a hybrid auction, you can make your bids on the phone as well as through a live-online-channel after a previous registration on that platform. Our terms and conditions apply as usual. You find them in this catalogue from page 84 on and online at
  • Due to the situation around the corona pandemic, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule according to the current circumstances.